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About Me (work in progress)

I’m the CTO of Whispering Gibbon Our patent pending technology enables 3D printing as a service direct from video games and fixes all the gnarly virtual to physical mesh conversion issues that entails.

I was previously an Expert Programming Architect at Ubisoft, specialising in design, implementation, evaluation and porting of 3D engines and related technology for various game console platforms. Most recently I’ve worked on Tom Clancy’s The Division, and I was Technical Lead for the PS4 version of The Crew.

In my professional career I’ve written low-level and engine code for a wide range of platforms: PS4, Xbox360, PS3, PS Vita, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PS1, PC (DirectX 3 to DirectX 11), Amiga, Archimedes and BBC Micro!

I was once an Amiga demo scener (68000 and straight to the metal all the way), and have been programming as a hobby since the mid 1980s and professionally since 1994 (full-time in the games industry since 1996).

I’ve also written articles and columns for specialist magazines and presented at developer conferences.

You can find more details on my LinkedIn profile.

Everything here is work in progress as I’ve just moved from using a traditional web host to hosting my own on Amazon AWS S3+CloudFront with content built using Hugo.